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Your security camera at home easily hacked —

MONTREAL – The security camera that you installed in a room or a kitchen may well play a role completely opposite to what you want at the start!

The JE team made the disconcerting proof that anyone can access a camera connected to the Internet, if the owner has not bothered to install a password in the settings.

These IP cameras, not to be confused with web camera (or webcam ) each have an address, just like computers or anything that connects to the Internet. There are search engines that lists all devices connected to the large canvas.

Searching by country and city you easily find cameras that do not have a password. From a computer all that is simpler, the team I was able to activate the camera a real estate agency in Paris, to the astonishment of the French capital’s employees.

I also easily spotted a camera installed in a residence with a central Quebec and another placed in a twin room in St-Hyacinthe.

The computer scientist father to whom we showed the pictures of her children recorded the day before was blown. “It’s scary! Especially as I had done tests from other IP addresses and other Sell my house fast birmingham. I was unable to access. ”

Cédric Raymond, a video game designer in his twenties who alerted the JE team, found in discussion forums that some users have fun wake people by activating the lights or the microphone of the cameras. “Naked pictures of children can easily find on the Internet,” he notes.

Unauthorized use of computer equipment can lead to penalties of up to 10 years in prison, said the professor at the Faculty of Law of the University of Montreal, Nicolas Vermeys. “There could also be charges of voyeurism that lead to maximum penalties of five years in prison.”

The computer security expert, Eric Parent, reminds the rest a simple rule: “Add a password in the camera settings and make the necessary updates.The camera you buy in a big chain is perhaps on the shelf for several months. ”

The trade press regularly reported security flaws in cameras sold to the general public. This ensures that anyone can call you, even if you have added a password to the settings.

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