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When a hacker decides to hack a camera installed in the baby’s room —

Here is a story that is chilling: A hacker has decided to break into villas in mauritius¬†by hacking the camera in the baby’s room.

This story is the kind of story that you would never live. It takes place in America, in the state of Ohio. The Schenks family sleeping peacefully when suddenly in the night, parents were awakened by a strange unknown male voice. The sound comes from the baby’s room. The father of the family was emboldened and decided to go into the room to find out who owns that voice. When he approaches, he manages to understand what is said, or rather shouted that the unknown ”¬† Baby Awake! Wake up! “.

Mad camera

When the man came into the room, he realizes that the wireless camera moves … that he had installed herself. Moreover, the voice from the device. When he stands in front of the camera, it starts insulting and uttering profanity. The father is quick to disconnect to end this strange situation. What has happened? The camera was a model that can be controlled from a mobile device and Schenks family had not made the last update. The result is a visibly disturbed hacker took advantage of this opportunity to hack the system and enter literally in the house through the device.

HackerBaby 576x300 When a hacker decides to hack a camera installed in the baby's room ...

Security and objects connected

The moral of this story is do not neglect the safety of your connected devices, especially when they are directly installed in your home (cameras, microphones …). Regularly change passwords and choose complex is also recommended. This will save you maybe this kind of unpleasant situation experienced by the Schenks family. Because the hacker had fun hack the camera in the baby’s room will probably not be stopped.

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