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What can happen if accounts are kept in unlicensed software? —

What happens when a person or company has its accounts in unlicensed software is a constant question, especially among those who love the “pirate”.

Much has been speculated about the consequences of taking the Bookkeeping Services software without a license, and among these speculations is that accounting becomes invalid as evidence.

Actually, that is carried on a pirate software, not invalidated as evidence, much less is a causal to be eligible to a penalty ledgers .

Among the requirements for accounting constitute evidence, and to be considered duly carried, the law does not provide anywhere that a licensed software should be used, or if a software is used without a license, invalidate or affect accounting as evidence.

So, the fact that the accounts be kept in unlicensed software in no way affects the accounting and what it depends, as the source of costs and deductions, since no bearing on its validity as evidence.

In conclusion, bookkeeping software like bookkeeper sydney without a license, has no accounting or tax consequences, but SI criminal , since this is a computer crime.

Our dear Dian comes to play an important role here, since the law 603 of 2000, Article 2 states the following:

The Colombian tax authorities may verify the status of compliance copyright by societies to prevent, through its violation, also evading taxes.

However, Dian can not sanction the use of pirated software, only acts in the event that using pirated software is evading some tribute, which has nothing to do with that accounting is affected by carry on software pirate.

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