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Two Spaniards create a device to hack a car in just five minutes —

The device allows control via Bluetooth

Two Spaniards create a device to hack a car in just five minutes

Javier Vazquez and Alberto García-Vidal have developed the so-called CAN Hacking Tool (CHT), a device from that is installed in cars and allows control through Bluetooth in less than five minutes. Then “we could wait a minute or a year and then turn it to do anything for what we have planned,” Vazquez-Vidal, who works as a security consultant and information technology in Germany, in an interview with Forbes explains. So hack a car to drive from a computer .

In recent months, with the increasing presence of technological elements connected in new cars, and many have begun to express concern about the potential danger to drivers the risk that your vehicle is hacked . Now, two Spanish researchers have proved them right.

But both researchers want to go further. Aware that the Bluetooth limited to a few meters vehicle control, and Vázquez García-Vidal are working on a model that works via radio system -the old 2G GSM system coverage for Moviles, ahead of the presentation CHT at the Black Hat conference to be held in Singapore next month.

Once the gadget to CAN Bus (the system to control the motor and interconnect electronic control units) of the vehicle to be hack, you may access the alarm control, windows, lights, connected system and the wheel brake through a computer. ” A car is a mini network and, for now, there is no type of security implemented, “says Alberto Garcia.

Thus, the device developed by these two Spanish researchers again stressed on security gaps that present vehicles as technology advances connected to the network, highlighting once again the urgent need for regulation is adopted to respect to ensure the integrity of the vehicle and its occupants against such threats.

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