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Twitter goes to lawyers for hacking —

The controversy surrounding back to Twitter . In the past, numerous accounts of its users have been compromised, however this time the social network is involved in another problem though service was not hacked but this time the company’s organization was the victim of an attack .

The microblogging service reported is seeking legal advice because they were published in various websites papers on some of their products and financial projections of the company.

“We are in touch with our legal counsel about what this theft means for Twitter, the hacker, and anyone who accepts and subsequently share and publish the stolen documents”, reported the official Twitter blog.

He also informed all who were involved in the dissemination of documents still unknown what the implications for all will be those who have been involved, referring to technology blog TechCrunch , which published some of the stolen which documents, at the time of publication of this article remain online .

What happened explains post on Twitter, is that an administrative employee of the company suffered hacking her email account. Internally, it is believed to be penetrated your email information was obtained to access your Google Apps account, where obtained confidential documents.

For that reason, rinsed, not about vulnerabilities in Google Apps or Twitter accounts that have been compromised or that the service has been hacked.

“… It was a personal attack motivated by stealing documents from a private company,” said the Personal injury lawyer Boca Raton.

Part of the documents containing financial information and partly on the TV program in which participate Twitter, called ‘Final Tweet’. The program would be the battle of four teams of young entrepreneurs supporting nonprofit organizations, fighting for a prize of $ 100,000.

As part of the dynamics, the ability for participants to win partially rests with the support of his followers on Twitter, according to the documents disseminated by TechCrunch.

The blog reported that they are in negotiations with Twitter regarding the publication of confidential data.

The disclosure of confidential information Twittter has generated debate in the US media over the old dilemma of publishing confidential documents, particularly in the “era of blogs” or not, said Claire Cain , the New York Times.

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