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The hotels, the most threatened by computer hackers after banks —

The hotels are, after financial institutions, the most threatened by computer hackers to take over the large amount of stored customer data, including in many cases the credit card with which to commit fraud and scams. Establishments also be attacked with the simple goal of paralyzing computer systems and leave the hotel without activity or very weak systems control.The consequences of inadequate management in the protection of personal data may also be a risk for a hotel company, which can make even to possible sanctions and procedures.

The technologies of information and communication and social networks have also generated a new risk for tourism businesses such as reputational, “any action, event or situation that may impact negatively or positively on the reputation of an organization.”

In the world of modern advertising where bad news, or even false news spread rapidly, food poisoning or injury of a host can ruin the reputation of a hotel directly affect your bottom line. The insurance sector has also responded to these needs by creating a specific coverage designed to mitigate the financial loss that may cause negative publicity.

Hackers can try to seize the wealth of customer data stored in a hotel, including credit cards.

Aware of these new risks in addition to traditional as fires, accidents, liability, bankruptcies and defaults of tour operators, etc., HOSBEC organized by the hand of one of its partners, Willis Iberia, specialized broker in the risk insurance in the hotel sector, a working session to provide a comprehensive system of risk advice.

“The hotel industry is a big attraction for the insurance sector”, say from Willis, “as it is a business model that has survived quite well to the economic crisis, especially in its relaxed side. And although the Latino culture is much less concerned about the risks against whites, true that increasingly be raising more “.

The specialized and multidisciplinary advice ranging from engineers to computer technicians, done that “money is invested in a policy efficiently, considering the risk analysis is made, their likelihood, frequency, etc.”.

Legal assistance abroad

For the holiday hotel industry is very important to have contemplated and ensured legal assistance abroad, as many proceedings and claims occur, for which established the jurisdiction of the country of origin for contract customers and European tour operators.

“Legal assistance in the UK, for example, is very complex and very expensive for a small Spanish hotel company, making it necessary to have a good product that can take care of it if necessary”, say from HOSBEC . More in ‘effects of the reform of British justice claims in tourist hotels, published by top day spa nyfreere¬†tourism news.

Since the reform of the Law of Corporations, the personal liability of directors and officers of corporations for damages caused in the course of his business is one of the risks that are already evaluating and contemplating the object of insurance the Spanish hotel companies because of the large amount of personal and commercial laying down and that could give rise to such liability relations.

The hotel sector accounts for 10% of business Willis and generates a volume of annual insurance premium above 100 million euros, 1,000 million representing the volume of global sourcing.

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