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New Hitachi Projector Software Steps Forward in Simplicity and Security —

Madrid, February 15, 2006 -Hitachi has just announced the new version of its projector software, which will be included in all the network models of the company. This is a novel system, based on a highly efficient search engine and compatible with SMNP (simple network management protocol) technology that will allow the user to control and monitor their projector in a simple and effective way. In addition, the projector can be accessed from anywhere to perform any procedure, such as turning the system on or off or performing maintenance. Authorized users can check the status of the software whenever they wish by simply entering the IP address of the projector from the web browser.

“Our new software, which will be included free on all Hitachi network projectors, is versatile and easy to use. The projector is directly connected to the network and has its own IP address, just like any other computer. To access the system simply log in the browser, enter the address of the projector, the username -ID- and the password and you are ready, “says Nick Rogers, Manager, Presentation Products of Hitachi Digital media Group. “Once connected to the projector, the user will have a powerful and easy to use interface that will allow him to have total control if he is an administrator, or a limited control if he is a restricted user.”

The new software allows the user to access from virtually any device that has a browser, whether it is a laptop or desktop, or even PDA. The software is included in the operating system of the projector, so it is not necessary to install any application on our computer. All that is needed is a standard Internet browser.

In order to guarantee the safety of the projector in the network, each user needs a personal ID and password. You can assign two different levels of user: the administrator and the restricted user. The administrator has a full range of controls to maintain and manage the projector. The rest of users will enjoy quick and easy access to the basic controls.

This software includes an alarm by which it notifies the administrator, via e-mail, if it detects a problem or when it needs an emergency maintenance. This ensures optimal operation of the projector at all times.

The software has an automatic function of operation, setting the date and time at which we want the projector to perform a predetermined action.

Hitachi Digital Media Group
The Digital Media Group is part of Hitachi Europe Ltd and is responsible for sales and distribution in Europe of Hitachi digital displays, cameras, projection products and security products.
With five key product areas, the Hitachi Digital Media Group is ideally positioned to provide digital solutions for the domestic and professional markets. Key product groups include display solutions for the professional and home market, including TVs and Plasma screens; LCD monitors for home and office applications; A full range of Video and Data Projectors; Cameras and DVD Players; And innovative digital security and remote viewing solutions such as Remote Video Access. For more information, visit the Hitachi Digital Media website at or contact our office in Spain Tel .: (+34) 93 409 25 49.
Hitachi Europe Ltd.
Hitachi Europe Ltd., Is a subsidiary belonging to Hitachi, Ltd. Japan. Headquartered in Maidenhead, UK, it has operations in 16 countries and over 650 employees in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. As a “Best Solutions Partner” Hitachi Europe has tailor-made services and solutions to meet the specific needs of its customers.
Hitachi Europe includes eleven core business areas: power and industrial systems; information systems; High performance computing; digital media; consumer products; Electronic components; Automotive; Air conditioning and refrigeration systems; Procurement and sourcing; A corporate technology group (R & D) and Hitachi Design Center Europe. For more information on Hitachi Europe Ltd., visit the website at
Hitachi, Ltd.
(NYSE: HIT), headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, is one of the world’s leading electronics companies with around 340,000 employees worldwide. Consolidated sales for fiscal year 2002 (ending March 31, 2003) were 8,191.7 million yen ($ 68.3 billion). The company manufactures and markets a wide range of products including computers, semiconductors, consumer products and energy and industrial equipment. More information is available on the website at

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