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Hacker manages to intercept GSM calls using a system of less than US $ 1,500 —

The Defcon security conference # 18 in Las Vegas ended yesterday, and one of the most outstanding presentations was given by Chris Paget , who demonstrated a $ 1,500 system used to intercept and record mobile phone calls.The system uses a type attack Man in the middle . What happens essentially is that Chris transmits a signal, as does normal cellular signal, which then take nearby devices. A mobile is always looking to connect to the strongest tower nearby, so if Chris is in the fourth careful, because your conversation may be being recorded.

Once connected to the conning tower of Chris , he can record your calls. It’s that simple. However, the system only affects connectivity GSM , so if you have phones with 3G are, for the moment, saved. Chris says you can only send signals to the 3G that force your phone to switch to 2G, given he could not yet saute modern stronger encryption and offers 3G .

Similar systems typically cost approximately US $ 100,000. With this what Chrisdoes is allow everyone, even your neighbor spy on anyone, given that much of the cost of the team went to purchase the laptop . Beyond that, the antennas bought not speak anything out of the ordinary, something like what you would see on the roofs of buildings ( Obviously, he used Linux to save paying licenseWindows.

The system currently can not capture data packets, voice calls only, unlike the more expensive systems, which give the user the possibility. But that is something that directly is beyond our reach.

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