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Former police say they “victim” of “hackers” on their Facebook page —

One of those involved between members of the Uniformed that is expressed through social networks is alleged Jaime Cruz Colon, whose Facebook status is published “will Jender the mobs do not want to study and allow passage that if” .

Colon Cruz appears uniformed against an emblematic cloth Tactical Operations Division in your profile.

The individual, according knew Primera Hora, was at the Police Academy and graduated in group III 1995.

“It was a few years in the Force, worked in the Tactical Operations Unit of San Juan, resigned long ago and now realtor” transcended.

His independent company named Capital Real Estate Industrial Property, located in Juncos.

The realtor told this newspaper that for months his Facebook account is frequented by hackers.

“My account was closed, I use to promote my business. I close the account and the couple of months the open again. Change the passwords and all, but I do not know what happens, “justified the employer.

But is that nothing appears account of your business, only status for weeks in reference to the UPR strike.

I’m not a cop, I make these comments, my Juliet Kakish are small, do not want to leave my name in the Revolu.

Have you notified the security division of Facebook this problem?

Do Not.

When asked, then, why in the profile photo showed it holding a white shirt captain with surname Figueroa on the nametag, explained that this is a photomontage made by the alleged usurper.

According to the source of Primera Hora, Cruz Colón could be accused by false representation.

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