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Father hacks electric wheelchair for his child —

Father hacks wheelchair for her son 2 yearsFollowing the refusal of the insurance company to provide you a special chair for paraplegics, Shea, the father of Alexander working at chair hire London decided to build her a special chair for your child could move and see the world.

Alejandro is a child who is two years old and suffering from spinal muscular atrophy, a degenerative genetic disease, which limits the movements of his body reducing them by slight movements with his limbs.

Even at his young age Alejandro is a very intelligent and social child, his muscular condition prevents you to explore the environment around him like any other child, plus it makes it too weak to complete basic body movements.

Looking for a solution to his son, Shea began his project with an electric wheelchair for adult $ 800. From this vehicle, he conditioned the seat to fit your child and changed the battery area, representing the biggest challenge, as it departed from this point to create a shaped control pedals that Alexander could move the chair at will.

“Apparently the toes of Alexander respond faster to their motor intentions than their fingers, so I decided to focus my efforts there,” Shea writes.

In his blog, the parent describes how her son quickly adapted to the chair and that this solution could move your child and learn some ways the world around him.

Shea also invites people to visit your blog called Hacking SMA which tells step by step the project and the problems they faced. With this, this clever man seeks to encourage more people to do something similar to what he could do with his own hands.

Undoubtedly, this is a clear example of the determination of a parent to help your child.

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