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False job offers, the latest trick of hackers —

SCAM.  The dream job may be a digital nightmare.
SCAM. The dream job may be a digital nightmare.

At one time the fury African princes were false or unknown family heirlooms. But hackers are updated and change their modus operandi . The latest fashion , according to security company ESET , are false job offers . The report made ​​detected that cyberhackers even take the Curriculum vitae of job websites to have data of potential victims.


Lack of customization . This tends to suggest that it is spam (when not directly fraud). However, sometimes the scammer knows something about the recipient because he found accents ad sites, so use real name is no guarantee that the offer is genuine. Example:

[Dear Mr. / Ms .:]

Lack of information about what actually are these jobs . While there are jobs that do not require any specific experience or professional qualifications, but if not even bother to invent a name for the job, that suggests that the only thing they care about is taking money out of requests for non-existent jobs.Example:

[‘m Miss Eliza Johnson of Canada, I Manager Of The Travelers Inn Hotel, Hotel Need Man And Woman Can Work And Live In Traveler Inn Hotels here in Canada.]

Excessive profits.

[** Free airfare to Canada
** Paid Vacation
Training and regular promotions **
** Scholarship for a child of each Employee
** Medical care and lodging for full-time employees, retirement and Awards]

Source address . It is advisable to check the address on a list of domains free directions.

[Contact Email: [nombre_relacionado_con_el_hotel] @]

Ease of paperwork . The scams of this style almost always offer help to process the visa.

[Management of the Hotel will take care of your lodging and airfare. It will also help to process the visa.]

Basic errors . Having regard to the proposal? The drafting errors are also an indicator of bad intentions.

[If you are interested in working in the hotel with us, please contact us as soon as possible by copying and pasting the contact email below: To continue with our selection process, please send your CV directly to the Human Resources Department HOD your address official mail being;
[name] @]

Personal information . Be especially careful not to give any information that could be useful in identity theft: A cybercriminal is able to impersonate any person successfully without much data.

[They will send the official application form Hotel jobs along with details of the position to choose the one that best suits you to process your letter of invitation and empelodespués to check your resume / CV with resume services perth]

Moreover, there may be other indicators of a false job offer:

1. A prestigious company publishes their job searches in an unreliable or low reputation site
2. There will be an interview … but the email is not addressed to the recipient
in March. The interview will be done by chat
4. The offer sounds good, but does not specify what tasks would be
five. They offer a lot of money for being a “mystery shopper” sounds fictional, but it is a real job. There are people who are paid to pose as ordinary buyers and then report their experience.

Have you ever got one of these fake job offers?

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