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Is online bookkeeping and accounting software secure? —

How do different types of software manage security?

Security in desktop software

The factors that make the desktop software vulnerable are all in one place: where the computer is physically located.

The computer is the access point for the user, the place where the program is installed, the information stored and where the internet connection enters.

And the security level of the desktop software is conditioned by the behavior of the user and the budget that they want or can allocate to security.

Most companies invest very little in security, whether electronic measures like firewalls and anti-virus or physical measures, such as armored security doors or anti-theft wiring.

They also often invest little time and money in training their staff on best safety practices.

The truth is that any computer is vulnerable to many other threats that come through the internet.

Not to mention physical threats such as fires, floods or robberies.

In addition, this not only concerns the software and specific measures that the user uses.

Procedures and infrastructure dedicated to backups are a huge vulnerability for many businesses.

Because, when something goes wrong, it can take hours and even days to re-operate just like before the restoration.

Security in online software

The vulnerabilities are shared in this case between the company providing the service and the user since the point of access to the program continues to depend on the latter.

The infrastructure that stores the software and the information of the user is controlled by the company that provides the service, which is usually in large data centers with leading security systems with many layers of protection.

These centers also have private security with access controls, finger scanners and iris.

In addition, they have anti-fire systems, diesel generators for blackouts and anti-flood buildings.

They also have multiple redundant, high-speed internet connections that are monitored and controlled 24 hours a day by expert technicians.

As if this is not enough, there are also more layers of security “in the shade”, like copies of all the information, updated in real time, in different regions and continents.

In this way, if a catastrophe or serious security failure occurs in a data center, all information and service will start to pull from another of these locations without the service suffers more than a few seconds.

This type of company has dedicated procedures to restore all this.

In fact, the average time these services are dropped is only a few hours a year.

The Journey of Your Accounting Bookkeeping Books

At the end of every fiscal year, the person responsible for keeping all business accounts sends to the advisor or manager the file that he exports from his accounting or bookkeeping program with all the information of his business.

The adviser or manager imports it, reviews it, creates the corresponding financial statements and sends the required information to the Treasury.

In addition, it returns the corrected file, if applicable, for the business accounting officer to make the appropriate changes.

The usual thing is that the information exists in two places at the same time: the owner of the business on one side and the adviser or manager on the other.

In fact, most advisors or managers see their copy as the “real”, from which they draw the financial statements and what has to be paid to the Treasury.

Also it is usually the file that Hacienda would audit in case of dispute.

Online accounting software gives a necessary twist to this to work more efficiently.


The file on which they both work is housed in the company’s online accounting software systems and anyone with permission can view and edit the file from wherever it is, needing only an internet-connected device and their access credentials.

This concept is known as single bookkeeping or common bookkeeping Brisbane.

It may seem contradictory at first if we let go and associate it with the double-entry system that is used in accounting.

That is, it does not mean that it becomes a single input method.

What is essentially an evolution of the double entry system that makes collaboration between business and consultants or managers more efficient when working in real time on the same database.

This principle is widely adopted by cloud accounting software providers and will eventually replace the multi-copy system of desktop software.

And all this is very well, but where is the information of your business and under whose responsibility?

Let’s look at it in detail.

New Hitachi Projector Software Steps Forward in Simplicity and Security —

Madrid, February 15, 2006 -Hitachi has just announced the new version of its projector software, which will be included in all the network models of the company. This is a novel system, based on a highly efficient search engine and compatible with SMNP (simple network management protocol) technology that will allow the user to control and monitor their projector in a simple and effective way. In addition, the projector can be accessed from anywhere to perform any procedure, such as turning the system on or off or performing maintenance. Authorized users can check the status of the software whenever they wish by simply entering the IP address of the projector from the web browser.

“Our new software, which will be included free on all Hitachi network projectors, is versatile and easy to use. The projector is directly connected to the network and has its own IP address, just like any other computer. To access the system simply log in the browser, enter the address of the projector, the username -ID- and the password and you are ready, “says Nick Rogers, Manager, Presentation Products of Hitachi Digital media Group. “Once connected to the projector, the user will have a powerful and easy to use interface that will allow him to have total control if he is an administrator, or a limited control if he is a restricted user.”

The new software allows the user to access from virtually any device that has a browser, whether it is a laptop or desktop, or even PDA. The software is included in the operating system of the projector, so it is not necessary to install any application on our computer. All that is needed is a standard Internet browser.

In order to guarantee the safety of the projector in the network, each user needs a personal ID and password. You can assign two different levels of user: the administrator and the restricted user. The administrator has a full range of controls to maintain and manage the projector. The rest of users will enjoy quick and easy access to the basic controls.

This software includes an alarm by which it notifies the administrator, via e-mail, if it detects a problem or when it needs an emergency maintenance. This ensures optimal operation of the projector at all times.

The software has an automatic function of operation, setting the date and time at which we want the projector to perform a predetermined action.

Hitachi Digital Media Group
The Digital Media Group is part of Hitachi Europe Ltd and is responsible for sales and distribution in Europe of Hitachi digital displays, cameras, projection products and security products.
With five key product areas, the Hitachi Digital Media Group is ideally positioned to provide digital solutions for the domestic and professional markets. Key product groups include display solutions for the professional and home market, including TVs and Plasma screens; LCD monitors for home and office applications; A full range of Video and Data Projectors; Cameras and DVD Players; And innovative digital security and remote viewing solutions such as Remote Video Access. For more information, visit the Hitachi Digital Media website at or contact our office in Spain Tel .: (+34) 93 409 25 49.
Hitachi Europe Ltd.
Hitachi Europe Ltd., Is a subsidiary belonging to Hitachi, Ltd. Japan. Headquartered in Maidenhead, UK, it has operations in 16 countries and over 650 employees in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. As a “Best Solutions Partner” Hitachi Europe has tailor-made services and solutions to meet the specific needs of its customers.
Hitachi Europe includes eleven core business areas: power and industrial systems; information systems; High performance computing; digital media; consumer products; Electronic components; Automotive; Air conditioning and refrigeration systems; Procurement and sourcing; A corporate technology group (R & D) and Hitachi Design Center Europe. For more information on Hitachi Europe Ltd., visit the website at
Hitachi, Ltd.
(NYSE: HIT), headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, is one of the world’s leading electronics companies with around 340,000 employees worldwide. Consolidated sales for fiscal year 2002 (ending March 31, 2003) were 8,191.7 million yen ($ 68.3 billion). The company manufactures and markets a wide range of products including computers, semiconductors, consumer products and energy and industrial equipment. More information is available on the website at

Risks in health informatics security —

Information in health institutions should by no means be in the internet cloud. Connectivity networks should be used where access to the cloud is completely blocked.

This article was initially oriented to the analysis of computer security in telemedicine. But given the circumstances presented in the last five years in the global environment, and to which I will refer later, I decided that the spectrum should be extended to the entire health sector.

Today, thanks to the internet, the world is facing an unprecedented avalanche of information. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Skype, WhatsApp, etc., are part of daily life in global communication. In many cases, without fear of exaggeration, we can no longer live outside these applications, we need them and we use them daily. For nobody is a secret the marked vulnerability of the computer network that we use every day; Examples are thousands. The world press illustrates this with spurious penetrations by hackers to the pentagon in the United States of America, the FBI, banks, governments, like the case of WikiLeaks, in short, the list is endless.

When we refer to healthcare institutions, which have advanced significantly in computer processes, we usually do not express concern about spurious penetrations of hackers. Only when a scandal of this kind here and there, we see a short note in the media that refers to the subject, and this is worrying if we remember that the world considers legislation medical patient information strictly confidential . Let us start from the beginning: absolutely, without exception, all medical information hosted on computers and servers health institutions is only in custody of the latter, are not the owners of such information, the sole owner of it is the patient . The health personnel who are reading this article know and know to the sake of the confidentiality that exists between doctors and patients. For illustration of readers, I quote some cases demonstrating that security health can not be taken lightly.

In March 2014, the database contained in 27 DVDs of patients belonging to the NHS health system of the United Kingdom was handed over to a group of consultants, who uploaded the information to Google servers outside the UK. The consequences of this are summarized in four sensitive situations: 1. The police had “back door” access to outpatient and inpatient medical records. 2. Data were used to locate patients by third parties. 3. Organizations such as pharmaceutical laboratories, insurance companies and private health providers have purchased patients’ medical records since 1999. 4. The information extracted contained the person’s NHS number, date of birth, postal code, ethnicity and gender. Patient groups wondered: what guarantees exist to protect the privacy of medical information?

In May 2014, two American health organizations, Presbyterian Hospital of New York and Columbia University, due to two factors: storage of medical information on servers with access to the Internet cloud and lack of efficient security measures , Caused that the information of 6,800 patients, among them histories, medicines administered, results of clinical laboratory, etc., will finish in the search engines web. The irregularity was detected later, when a person noticed on the internet that his partner had died. This situation, investigated by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and the Office of Civil Rights (OCR), resulted in fines for the Presbyterian Hospital in New York and the University of Columbia they totaling $ dollars 4.800.000.oo, together with this warning: ” When health entities involved in compliance agreements, which can be set, share the burden of dealing with the risks of protected patient information” , Said Christina Heide, Medical Clinic Kirwan, Deputy Director of Health Privacy Information for the Office of Civil Rights (OCR). ” Our cases against NYP and CU should remind organizations of health care need to be given priority in data security and how they manage their health information systems” .



List created by movie4k.

1. The Matrix

The Matrix

The Matrix (titled Matrix in Spanish) is a science fiction film written and directed by wool and Andy Wachowski and starring Keanu Reeves, Laurence Fishburne, Carrie-Anne Moss and Hugo Weaving. It was released in the United States on March 31, 1999, is the first installment of the trilogy Matrix and a series of video games, animated shorts and comics.The film won 4 Academy Awards: best editing, best sound, best sound and best visual effects editing.This film became popular the «bullet effect» (bullet time), technique that involves pretending that it freezes the action while the camera continues to move around the scene. The visual effect is achieved by using multiple cameras that recorded the action from various positions to a high number of frames per second, then interspersed frames of each of the cameras. Although it has a very revolutionary was not the first time that it made its appearance in the film, it was previously used in movies as Jumanji, among others, but it was with this innovative film when arose great interest by this effect, later used in multiple films. Everyone who interested in this series can watch online free in High Definition at movie2k.

2. Live Free or Die Hard

Live Free or Die Hard

Live Free or Die Hard (titled the jungle 4.0 in Spain and Duro de matar 4.0 in Latin America) is a claim film from 2007, directed by Len Wiseman. Starring Bruce Willis and Justin Long, Timothy Olyphant in the main roles. It is the fourth installment of the Die Hard.

3. Swordfish


Swordfish (titled in Spanish operation Swordfish in Spain and Swordfish: access authorized in Latin America) is an action movie. Directed by Dominic Sena and starring John Travolta, Hugh Jackman, Halle Berry, Don Cheadle and Sam Shepard. Premiered on June 8, 2001 in the United States and on 21 July of the same year in Spain.

4. the network

La red

The network, whose original title in English is The Net, is a thriller film released on July 28, 1995 in the United States, on 5 October in Argentina and December 15 of the same year in Spain. Starring Sandra Bullock. Directed by Irwin Winkler.

5. The social network

The social network

The social network (the network in Spain) and social network in Latin America is a film directed by David Fincher, which premiered on October 1, 2010 in the United States. It is based on the book billionaires by accident, Ben Mezrich, and tells the story of the popular social network Facebook. The adaptation of the screenplay was by Aaron Sorkin and his protagonists are Jesse Eisenberg, Andrew Garfield and Justin Timberlake, who interpreted to Mark Zuckerberg, Eduardo Saverin and Sean Parker respectively (the first two are the creators of Facebook, while the latter is one of the founders of Napster, who in 2004 joined the Presidency of Facebook). The first exhibition of the film was on September 24, 2010, at the start of the New York Film Festival.

6. open Windows

Open Windows

Open Windows is a Spanish 2014 thriller directed and written by Nacho Vigalondo, this being his first film in English. The film is played by Elijah Wood, Sasha Grey and Neil Maskell.
After winning the opportunity to meet and dine with your favorite actress: Jill Goddard (Sasha Grey), Nick (Elijah Wood) is a disappointment when it rejected his appointment, but a mysterious man named Chord (Neil Maskell), which claims to be representative of the actress, offers you the opportunity to spy on her through her webcam. Although initially shown reluctance, I accept your offer without being aware of that decision endangers the lives of both.

7. -The Italian Job

The Italian Job

The Italian Job (The Italian Job in Spain and the master scam in Latin America) is a film directed by F. Gary Gray, premiered in 2003 and starring Mark Wahlberg, Charlize Theron, Edward Norton, Seth Green, Jason Statham, Mos Def and Donald Sutherland. It is a remake of the 1969 film The Italian Job starring Michael Caine.

8. The Matrix Reloaded

The Matrix Reloaded

The Matrix Reloaded (titled in Spain Matrix Reloaded and Matrix Reloaded in Latin America) is the sequel to the acclaimed film The Matrix, written and directed by the Wachowski brothers, and premiered in the United States by Warner Bros on 15 May 2003, and then in other countries the same month. The Matrix Reloaded raised $281 million in the United States and $738 million around the world. After the release of The Matrix Reloaded also other releases were related to the world of The Matrix. In this way the Wachowski brothers broadened the world Matrix further than films and gave to the public more details of this particular universe. As examples, the video game Enter the Matrix, which was released the same may 15, and a collection of nine animated shorts known as The Animatrix, which was released on June 3. The Matrix Revolutions was released six months after this film, in November 2003.The freeway scene was directed by David R. Ellis, director of final destination 2 and Cellular.

9. The Matrix Revolutions

The Matrix Revolutions

The Matrix Revolutions (entitled Matrix Revolutions in Spain and Matrix Revolutions in Latin America) is a 2003 film starring Keanu Reeves, Carrie-Anne Moss and Laurence Fishburne and directed and written by the Wachowski brothers.It is the third film of the Matrix Trilogy, and presents a combination of philosophy and action like their predecessors, in a quest to conclude with the questions of The Matrix Reloaded.

10. Hackers


Hacker is a 1995 American thriller directed by Iain Softley, and in the cast include Angelina Jolie, Jonny Lee Miller and Matthew Lillard. The script, which was written by Rafael Moreu, is highly influenced by the cyberpunk and hacker subcultures. The film follows the exploits of a group of hackers of an Institute and its participation in a corporate extortion conspiracy.

11. the conversation

La conversación

The conversation is a 1974 American film, written, produced and directed by Francis Ford Coppola. Starring Gene Hackman, John Cazale, Teri Garr and Cindy Williams in the main roles. Awarded major U.S. and international film awards.Preserved since 1995 in the National Film Registry of the library of the Congress of United States

12. war games

Juegos de guerra

War games (original title: WarGames) is an American film of 1983, the genre thriller, science fiction, directed by John Badham. Starring Matthew Broderick, Ally Sheedy and John Wood in the main roles.The screenplay written by Lawrence Lasker and Walter F. Parkes is set in the last years of the cold war and tells the story of a young hacker who attempts to infiltrate other systems by simple curiosity.

13. Tron


Tron is an American film of 1982, of genre science fiction written and directed by Steven Lisberger. Starring Jeff Bridges, Bruce Boxleitner, Cindy Morgan, Dan Shor and David Warner.It was one of the first films produced by the major film studios to use the technique of computer graphics in an important way.She was awarded the Saturn Award in 1983 for best costumes (Eloise Jensson and Rosanna Norton). It also was nominated for 8 awards more.

14. The Score

The Score

The Score (a masterstroke in Spain and final account in Argentina) is a film directed by Frank Oz and premiered in 2001, coprotagonizada by Robert De Niro and Edward Norton; In addition, became the latest film by Marlon Brando as an actor before his death.

15. antitrust


Conspiracy in the red (AntiTrust) is an American film directed by Peter Howitt in 2001. It features the terrifying vision of what may occur in the future of computer science if a company monopolizing it. The film is closely linked to the free software movement that in… See more

16. eXistenZ


eXistenZ is a science fiction, released in 1999 and directed by Canadian David Cronenberg film. It counted with the active participation of the actors Jennifer Jason Leigh and Jude Law.

17. Pirates of Silicon Valley

Piratas de Silicon Valley

Pirates of Silicon Valley (1999) is a film written and directed by Martyn Burke. Based on the book Fire in the Valley: The Making of a Personal Computer of Paul Freiberger and Michael Swaine. This film documents the early days of personal computers through the rivalry between Apple… See more

18. Track Down

Track Down

Track Down, also known as Takedown, in Spain as the final assault (Hackers 2: operation Takedown), is a film of the year 2000 about computer hacker Kevin Mitnick, which in turn is based on the book Takedown of John Markoff and Tsutomu Shimomura. The film was directed… See more

19. The Thirteenth Floor

The Thirteenth Floor

The Thirteenth Floor, known in Spanish as the floor level 13, or 13 is a sci-fi film from 1999 directed by Josef Rusnak and inspired on the novel Simulacron-3 (1964) of Daniel. F. Galouye. The protagonists of the film are Craig Bierko, Gretchen Mol, Armin Mueller-Stahl, Vincent D’Onofrio, and Dennis Haysbert. The Thirteenth Floor was nominated for the award as best science fiction film Saturn, but The Matrix took the prize.


Is it possible to hack our bank accounts? —

This article recently published by top mortgage brokers in toronto, we describe the security measures that apply the entities to protect our accounts Bank and how from our computers, tablets, etc. can take measures to prevent hacks.

Each time there are more people using the electronic banking service to avoid queues at Bank branches and in this context, the hackers have become the greatest headache of users of Internet banking.

Matrix Code by My Melting Brain

The risk that financial institutions are subject to a computer attack, although there is, is reduced, since they maintained and constantly updated their security systems. Most of the banks and companies that offer on-line shopping service using the SSL(Secure Socket Layer) Protocol.

To give just one example, our country’s two big banks, Santander and BBVA are users of this Protocol. Thus, transactional services operate on a secure server using the SSL protocol that is always activated by entering the service. The secure server establishes a connection so that the information is transmitted encrypted using algorithms of 128-bit claiming to only be intelligible for the client’s computer and the Bank server.

To use the SSL protocol is guaranteed:

  • That the client is communicating its data to the Bank server Center and not anyone else who try to impersonate this.
  • That between the client and the server Centre data travel encrypted, preventing possible reading or manipulation to third parties.

The safety of bank accounts has also improved over the years, and they have, currently, measures anti-phishing, as the use of virtual keyboards, using coordinates cards delivered in hand to the holder of the account, tokens, such as electronic ID or unique keys that are sent by SMS.

However, it is not more extreme precautions if you do banking transactions online. And which, given the greater difficulty that hackers from entering the security systems of banks, direct their efforts in trying to mislead customers who tend to be less protected. According to the latest report from the National Institute of communication technologies (INTECO), more than 7% of home computers are infected by Trojans Bank, i.e., a malicious software that attempts to steal the user’s access data.

How to avoid a hack using a computer

But, what are the safety measures you can take to avoid a hack? According to INTECO, noted a growth in the use of computer security by the Spaniards in the last 5 years. However, it is not more follow a series of tips. Common sense would be the first one. If there is doubt of the web page, the best is not to introduce any data and contact with the financial institution.

And it is that phishing is still one of the most commonly used mechanisms. He makes believe to the receiver that the Bank needs to update its data. To do this, mail includes a web address where the latest potential must enter all your data: ID, key and electronic signature. You must take into account that a bank was never going to ask by phone or email access or electronic signature keys provided. Therefore, under no circumstances should facilitate passwords of bank accounts in an e-mail or SMS access.

Another simple habits that can improve the safety of electronic banking passes by typing the web address of bank or, failing that, have it stored as a favorite. This prevents someone can impersonate the original page and stealing the keys to users using a similar address. Obviously it is advisable not to perform any operation of electronic banking on public computers.

Apart from these security measures it does more to protect home computers. According to the latest survey of INTECO, 9 of every 10 Internet users in Spain have installed antivirus programs. But there are more tips to keep in mind:

  • Regularly update your operating system and software installed on your computer by paying particular attention to the web browser updates.
  • Install a firewall or firewall.
  • Use password safe, composed of 8 characters minimum and combine letters, numbers, and symbols.
  • Change passwords frequently.
  • Browsing secure pages, i.e., those that start with https:// instead of with http://
  • The closed padlock icon should appear on the website of the Bank.

It is important, moreover, that customer is choose a bank that works with the system to send SMS with confirmation of certain operations codes. However, during the past year, some variants of two of the software most dangerous to steal bank accounts, SpyEyes and Zeus, have managed to capture the unique passwords that banks send by text message to customers through mobile.

And this despite the fact that European banks have, in general, higher than in the United States technological defenses.According to one of the largest security firms in the world and working with a multitude of financial institutions, Trend Micro, these programs have improved and can currently transmit money automatically without the supervision of a hacker. Attacks on a dozen financial institutions in Germany, United Kingdom and Italy have been in the last few months.

How to avoid a hack using a Smartphone or tablet

Today, the implementation of mass smart phones or smartphones and tablets, or iPad has made that many people perform the same operations that make from your home computer through these mobile devices, similar to domestic equipment are exposed to the same threats. Therefore, it is not more also follow a series of safety tips.

The safety measures are practically the same for iPhone and iPad users both Android platforms:

  • Set a block of screen.
  • Activate the SIM card, thus blocking options, when you turn on your mobile device will have to enter the PIN.
  • Activate the tracking device.
  • Force automatic update of the operating system.
  • Automatically install updates for the applications installed on the device.
  • Do not allow installation of applications that are not official in the case of the Android platform market and the AppleStore iPhone and iPad.
  • Properly configure wireless connections.
  • Backup of personal data.
  • For mobile devices that use the Android platform, it is recommended to protect the smarphone or tablet with an antivirus.

You should know also that, to minimize risks and prevent security problems, in Spain there is a public service offered by theOffice of Internet safety (OSI) for home users and businesses. On its website, can ask any questions that is around the use of the Internet and its security.

Finally, if you have been victim of a fraud on the Internet is suitable to immediately put the corresponding complaint. The Cuerpo Nacional de Policía has technological research Brigade while the Civil Guard has the Group of telematic crimes from the operative Central Unit.

Block all web sites porn on Windows 7 PC without software —

Parents or guardians are always concerned about their children Internet browsing. They always want to allow their children to see or visit porn sites. If you want to do it, then this post is just for you. You can block all web sites porn category by changing the address of the DNS server. It works effectively on the Windows 7 operating system. Some of the visitors to my blog has informed me that the trick does not work with Windows XP. But if you are able to change the address of the DNS server from the computer, then the trick should work on Windows XP. OK let’s see how.

  • At the beginning go Control Panel > > network and sharing
  • There you’ll see a local area connection. Click on it.
  • Then click on property
  • Now you should see Internet Protocol version 4 (TCP/IPv4). Click on it. Then the property , the button is activated.
  • Click Properties. in the next window you need to fill in the box at the bottom of the DNS server.Simply click on the button Use the following DNS server address: and enter the following address of DNS server here: 67. 208. 222. 123
    67. 208. 220. 123
  • Okay, you did it. Simply click on Okay and exit. Attempting to access any porn site. Surely, you would not be able to access or visit other porn/adult sites.

SOURCE CONSULTED: escorte noire

Hack to an interactive map to show the production of wine in the Argentina and Seattle —

It was created by the National University of Cuyo (UNCuyo) and Hacks / Hackers group Mendoza.

The National University of Cuyo (UNCuyo) and the collective Mendoza Hacks/Hackers launched “Where í the wine”, the first interactive map that shows the exact place where the reds and whites are produced in Argentine territory, with data provided by the National Wine Institute (INV).

The platform displays information on two maps (red and white), allows you to filter the views by different varieties of grape and returns are prepared as well as various volumes of production, marked with colored bubbles in which areas.

“We are committed to create new ways to interact with the information, looking for that users can play with it, interact and, in this case, know where the varieties of wines consumed occur,” said Alejandro Zlotolow, coordinator general of the center of information and communication of the National University of Cuyo.

In addition, added that “thanks to the contribution of the investor class, which provided information of all the production of the country, were able to geotag all that information and present it on an interactive map in which the user can choose a variety and see the areas where the grape is produced and where to buy seattle liquor”.

The development emerged in the context of “Hacking the harvest”, the hackathon held in February in Mendoza, organized by the National University of Cuyo and Hacks/Hackers, where he presented “Esa Maldita Crown”, a timeline with historical scandals of the harvest festival. The initiative was developed by a team of programmers, designers and journalists.

The timeline reviewed the history of the main festivity of the Cuyo province from 1979 to today, fed with “suspended parties, protests in the carousel, hot Queens and whistled Governors”, according to the web site of the House of higher learning.

“That damn Crown: the scandals and event conflicts” through a series of conflicts and scandals “that remain in people’s memories and some files”, although the developers invite readers to contribute “the facts that believe that they can not miss” via a web form on the bottom of the timeline.

“Hacking vintage”, organized by the National University of Cuyo and Hacks/Hackers Mendoza, attended the nearly 30 participants between designers, programmers, journalists, students and communication systems, which were integrated into the two main groups of projects.

“Hacking vintage” began in February this year and is a day of exchange between professionals and all those interested in analyzing, shred and reinterpret the large amount of data on the harvest that will provide different official sources, such as the National University of Cuyo, Mendoza Ministry of culture, the National Wine Institute (INV) and the Argentina wine Corporation (Coviar).

With these data, the participants of this kind of software programming Marathon will be developments of different types, such as web visualizations and other useful ways to navigate in them, including mobile applications that can be used from the vintner to the public of the national harvest festival.

“We have created two groups and one of them are behind mapping the Argentina wine production, filtering varieties and CWT by Department with the aim,” said Nacho Castro, one of the organizers of the event.

“The other team is armando a timeline where all conflicts and scandals that had to deal with Governments during the maximum of Mendoza,” he concluded.

The goal is to open data, statistics and figures in the history of the Harvest and winemaking in the country through a great hackathon organized by the department of Interactive News UNCuyo and collective HackHackers Mendoza.

My Web site is prepared for any attack by Hackers? —

¿Mi Sitio Web Esta Preparado Para Cualquier Ataque De Hackers?

The question of the security of the web site has long been a priority for designers and web developers. Prevent methods of attacks on web sites has become a whole profession, thanks to the range of possibilities that exist to attack a web site. Not only the large databases banking are the white ideal for hacker, there are also various data bases that can be extracted from large websites such as forums or communities, and this is just example of what could be achieved with their attacks hackers. At this point of insurance you may ask: does my Web site is ready for any attack of Hackers?

sitio web esta preparado

Any website, blog, Survey Websites, Forum, online store or a corporate web page, can and surely will be attacked by a hacker. Now, as a designer or developer of web pages, have the task of not only to create eye-catching web pages visually, but also, to keep them protected the attackers who wish to extract information or to simply make some evil.

There are a number of ways to hack a web site. For this reason, many measures must be implemented to prevent these unfortunate situations. However, there is no foolproof method to prevent and eradicate the intrusions of hackers. In this article, learn about the measures that could be taken to make your web site be prepared for possible known attacks.

Common Hacking methods

As mentioned above, are different methods that an attacker can use to attack a web site. For this reason, will explain you the methods more common that use attackers, and of course, their respective measures to prevent such intrusion.

SQL injection

The SQL injection attack, is without doubt one of the attacks more serious for a site or web application. This attack is aimed at fields in query or data entry, even, could come to be used directly in the browser URL box. An attack of this kind, can give access to database information to the intruder.

prevenir sql injection ataque sitio web
The SQL injection attacks occur when a hacker tries to paste SQL commands in their fields on the web page. In the event that data contains a single quotation mark (‘) at the end of a user name, your database could see this as a built SQL query. Because of this, receive data from an SQL query could.

Hackers can not access your web site using the query, but the method will enable them to haveaccess to your name database, tables and key fields. From these data, the hacker can use the information you need to use SQL commands in the other fields of your web site. With this method, they will collect the necessary data to use in an intrusion.

How defend my website against the SQL injection?

  • To ensure correct data types management.
  • Parameterized queries
  • Permissions for queries
  • Consider the use of an ORM

Father hacks electric wheelchair for his child —

Father hacks wheelchair for her son 2 yearsFollowing the refusal of the insurance company to provide you a special chair for paraplegics, Shea, the father of Alexander working at chair hire London decided to build her a special chair for your child could move and see the world.

Alejandro is a child who is two years old and suffering from spinal muscular atrophy, a degenerative genetic disease, which limits the movements of his body reducing them by slight movements with his limbs.

Even at his young age Alejandro is a very intelligent and social child, his muscular condition prevents you to explore the environment around him like any other child, plus it makes it too weak to complete basic body movements.

Looking for a solution to his son, Shea began his project with an electric wheelchair for adult $ 800. From this vehicle, he conditioned the seat to fit your child and changed the battery area, representing the biggest challenge, as it departed from this point to create a shaped control pedals that Alexander could move the chair at will.

“Apparently the toes of Alexander respond faster to their motor intentions than their fingers, so I decided to focus my efforts there,” Shea writes.

In his blog, the parent describes how her son quickly adapted to the chair and that this solution could move your child and learn some ways the world around him.

Shea also invites people to visit your blog called Hacking SMA which tells step by step the project and the problems they faced. With this, this clever man seeks to encourage more people to do something similar to what he could do with his own hands.

Undoubtedly, this is a clear example of the determination of a parent to help your child.

The hotels, the most threatened by computer hackers after banks —

The hotels are, after financial institutions, the most threatened by computer hackers to take over the large amount of stored customer data, including in many cases the credit card with which to commit fraud and scams. Establishments also be attacked with the simple goal of paralyzing computer systems and leave the hotel without activity or very weak systems control.The consequences of inadequate management in the protection of personal data may also be a risk for a hotel company, which can make even to possible sanctions and procedures.

The technologies of information and communication and social networks have also generated a new risk for tourism businesses such as reputational, “any action, event or situation that may impact negatively or positively on the reputation of an organization.”

In the world of modern advertising where bad news, or even false news spread rapidly, food poisoning or injury of a host can ruin the reputation of a hotel directly affect your bottom line. The insurance sector has also responded to these needs by creating a specific coverage designed to mitigate the financial loss that may cause negative publicity.

Hackers can try to seize the wealth of customer data stored in a hotel, including credit cards.

Aware of these new risks in addition to traditional as fires, accidents, liability, bankruptcies and defaults of tour operators, etc., HOSBEC organized by the hand of one of its partners, Willis Iberia, specialized broker in the risk insurance in the hotel sector, a working session to provide a comprehensive system of risk advice.

“The hotel industry is a big attraction for the insurance sector”, say from Willis, “as it is a business model that has survived quite well to the economic crisis, especially in its relaxed side. And although the Latino culture is much less concerned about the risks against whites, true that increasingly be raising more “.

The specialized and multidisciplinary advice ranging from engineers to computer technicians, done that “money is invested in a policy efficiently, considering the risk analysis is made, their likelihood, frequency, etc.”.

Legal assistance abroad

For the holiday hotel industry is very important to have contemplated and ensured legal assistance abroad, as many proceedings and claims occur, for which established the jurisdiction of the country of origin for contract customers and European tour operators.

“Legal assistance in the UK, for example, is very complex and very expensive for a small Spanish hotel company, making it necessary to have a good product that can take care of it if necessary”, say from HOSBEC . More in ‘effects of the reform of British justice claims in tourist hotels, published by top day spa nyfreere tourism news.

Since the reform of the Law of Corporations, the personal liability of directors and officers of corporations for damages caused in the course of his business is one of the risks that are already evaluating and contemplating the object of insurance the Spanish hotel companies because of the large amount of personal and commercial laying down and that could give rise to such liability relations.

The hotel sector accounts for 10% of business Willis and generates a volume of annual insurance premium above 100 million euros, 1,000 million representing the volume of global sourcing.

Two Spaniards create a device to hack a car in just five minutes —

The device allows control via Bluetooth

Two Spaniards create a device to hack a car in just five minutes

Javier Vazquez and Alberto García-Vidal have developed the so-called CAN Hacking Tool (CHT), a device from that is installed in cars and allows control through Bluetooth in less than five minutes. Then “we could wait a minute or a year and then turn it to do anything for what we have planned,” Vazquez-Vidal, who works as a security consultant and information technology in Germany, in an interview with Forbes explains. So hack a car to drive from a computer .

In recent months, with the increasing presence of technological elements connected in new cars, and many have begun to express concern about the potential danger to drivers the risk that your vehicle is hacked . Now, two Spanish researchers have proved them right.

But both researchers want to go further. Aware that the Bluetooth limited to a few meters vehicle control, and Vázquez García-Vidal are working on a model that works via radio system -the old 2G GSM system coverage for Moviles, ahead of the presentation CHT at the Black Hat conference to be held in Singapore next month.

Once the gadget to CAN Bus (the system to control the motor and interconnect electronic control units) of the vehicle to be hack, you may access the alarm control, windows, lights, connected system and the wheel brake through a computer. ” A car is a mini network and, for now, there is no type of security implemented, “says Alberto Garcia.

Thus, the device developed by these two Spanish researchers again stressed on security gaps that present vehicles as technology advances connected to the network, highlighting once again the urgent need for regulation is adopted to respect to ensure the integrity of the vehicle and its occupants against such threats.

Twitter goes to lawyers for hacking —

The controversy surrounding back to Twitter . In the past, numerous accounts of its users have been compromised, however this time the social network is involved in another problem though service was not hacked but this time the company’s organization was the victim of an attack .

The microblogging service reported is seeking legal advice because they were published in various websites papers on some of their products and financial projections of the company.

“We are in touch with our legal counsel about what this theft means for Twitter, the hacker, and anyone who accepts and subsequently share and publish the stolen documents”, reported the official Twitter blog.

He also informed all who were involved in the dissemination of documents still unknown what the implications for all will be those who have been involved, referring to technology blog TechCrunch , which published some of the stolen which documents, at the time of publication of this article remain online .

What happened explains post on Twitter, is that an administrative employee of the company suffered hacking her email account. Internally, it is believed to be penetrated your email information was obtained to access your Google Apps account, where obtained confidential documents.

For that reason, rinsed, not about vulnerabilities in Google Apps or Twitter accounts that have been compromised or that the service has been hacked.

“… It was a personal attack motivated by stealing documents from a private company,” said the Personal injury lawyer Boca Raton.

Part of the documents containing financial information and partly on the TV program in which participate Twitter, called ‘Final Tweet’. The program would be the battle of four teams of young entrepreneurs supporting nonprofit organizations, fighting for a prize of $ 100,000.

As part of the dynamics, the ability for participants to win partially rests with the support of his followers on Twitter, according to the documents disseminated by TechCrunch.

The blog reported that they are in negotiations with Twitter regarding the publication of confidential data.

The disclosure of confidential information Twittter has generated debate in the US media over the old dilemma of publishing confidential documents, particularly in the “era of blogs” or not, said Claire Cain , the New York Times.

False job offers, the latest trick of hackers —

SCAM.  The dream job may be a digital nightmare.
SCAM. The dream job may be a digital nightmare.

At one time the fury African princes were false or unknown family heirlooms. But hackers are updated and change their modus operandi . The latest fashion , according to security company ESET , are false job offers . The report made ​​detected that cyberhackers even take the Curriculum vitae of job websites to have data of potential victims.


Lack of customization . This tends to suggest that it is spam (when not directly fraud). However, sometimes the scammer knows something about the recipient because he found accents ad sites, so use real name is no guarantee that the offer is genuine. Example:

[Dear Mr. / Ms .:]

Lack of information about what actually are these jobs . While there are jobs that do not require any specific experience or professional qualifications, but if not even bother to invent a name for the job, that suggests that the only thing they care about is taking money out of requests for non-existent jobs.Example:

[‘m Miss Eliza Johnson of Canada, I Manager Of The Travelers Inn Hotel, Hotel Need Man And Woman Can Work And Live In Traveler Inn Hotels here in Canada.]

Excessive profits.

[** Free airfare to Canada
** Paid Vacation
Training and regular promotions **
** Scholarship for a child of each Employee
** Medical care and lodging for full-time employees, retirement and Awards]

Source address . It is advisable to check the address on a list of domains free directions.

[Contact Email: [nombre_relacionado_con_el_hotel] @]

Ease of paperwork . The scams of this style almost always offer help to process the visa.

[Management of the Hotel will take care of your lodging and airfare. It will also help to process the visa.]

Basic errors . Having regard to the proposal? The drafting errors are also an indicator of bad intentions.

[If you are interested in working in the hotel with us, please contact us as soon as possible by copying and pasting the contact email below: To continue with our selection process, please send your CV directly to the Human Resources Department HOD your address official mail being;
[name] @]

Personal information . Be especially careful not to give any information that could be useful in identity theft: A cybercriminal is able to impersonate any person successfully without much data.

[They will send the official application form Hotel jobs along with details of the position to choose the one that best suits you to process your letter of invitation and empelodespués to check your resume / CV with resume services perth]

Moreover, there may be other indicators of a false job offer:

1. A prestigious company publishes their job searches in an unreliable or low reputation site
2. There will be an interview … but the email is not addressed to the recipient
in March. The interview will be done by chat
4. The offer sounds good, but does not specify what tasks would be
five. They offer a lot of money for being a “mystery shopper” sounds fictional, but it is a real job. There are people who are paid to pose as ordinary buyers and then report their experience.

Have you ever got one of these fake job offers?

Hacker manages to intercept GSM calls using a system of less than US $ 1,500 —

The Defcon security conference # 18 in Las Vegas ended yesterday, and one of the most outstanding presentations was given by Chris Paget , who demonstrated a $ 1,500 system used to intercept and record mobile phone calls.The system uses a type attack Man in the middle . What happens essentially is that Chris transmits a signal, as does normal cellular signal, which then take nearby devices. A mobile is always looking to connect to the strongest tower nearby, so if Chris is in the fourth careful, because your conversation may be being recorded.

Once connected to the conning tower of Chris , he can record your calls. It’s that simple. However, the system only affects connectivity GSM , so if you have phones with 3G are, for the moment, saved. Chris says you can only send signals to the 3G that force your phone to switch to 2G, given he could not yet saute modern stronger encryption and offers 3G .

Similar systems typically cost approximately US $ 100,000. With this what Chrisdoes is allow everyone, even your neighbor spy on anyone, given that much of the cost of the team went to purchase the laptop . Beyond that, the antennas bought not speak anything out of the ordinary, something like what you would see on the roofs of buildings ( Obviously, he used Linux to save paying licenseWindows.

The system currently can not capture data packets, voice calls only, unlike the more expensive systems, which give the user the possibility. But that is something that directly is beyond our reach.

When a hacker decides to hack a camera installed in the baby’s room —

Here is a story that is chilling: A hacker has decided to break into villas in mauritius by hacking the camera in the baby’s room.

This story is the kind of story that you would never live. It takes place in America, in the state of Ohio. The Schenks family sleeping peacefully when suddenly in the night, parents were awakened by a strange unknown male voice. The sound comes from the baby’s room. The father of the family was emboldened and decided to go into the room to find out who owns that voice. When he approaches, he manages to understand what is said, or rather shouted that the unknown ”  Baby Awake! Wake up! “.

Mad camera

When the man came into the room, he realizes that the wireless camera moves … that he had installed herself. Moreover, the voice from the device. When he stands in front of the camera, it starts insulting and uttering profanity. The father is quick to disconnect to end this strange situation. What has happened? The camera was a model that can be controlled from a mobile device and Schenks family had not made the last update. The result is a visibly disturbed hacker took advantage of this opportunity to hack the system and enter literally in the house through the device.

HackerBaby 576x300 When a hacker decides to hack a camera installed in the baby's room ...

Security and objects connected

The moral of this story is do not neglect the safety of your connected devices, especially when they are directly installed in your home (cameras, microphones …). Regularly change passwords and choose complex is also recommended. This will save you maybe this kind of unpleasant situation experienced by the Schenks family. Because the hacker had fun hack the camera in the baby’s room will probably not be stopped.

Former police say they “victim” of “hackers” on their Facebook page —

One of those involved between members of the Uniformed that is expressed through social networks is alleged Jaime Cruz Colon, whose Facebook status is published “will Jender the mobs do not want to study and allow passage that if” .

Colon Cruz appears uniformed against an emblematic cloth Tactical Operations Division in your profile.

The individual, according knew Primera Hora, was at the Police Academy and graduated in group III 1995.

“It was a few years in the Force, worked in the Tactical Operations Unit of San Juan, resigned long ago and now realtor” transcended.

His independent company named Capital Real Estate Industrial Property, located in Juncos.

The realtor told this newspaper that for months his Facebook account is frequented by hackers.

“My account was closed, I use to promote my business. I close the account and the couple of months the open again. Change the passwords and all, but I do not know what happens, “justified the employer.

But is that nothing appears account of your business, only status for weeks in reference to the UPR strike.

I’m not a cop, I make these comments, my Juliet Kakish are small, do not want to leave my name in the Revolu.

Have you notified the security division of Facebook this problem?

Do Not.

When asked, then, why in the profile photo showed it holding a white shirt captain with surname Figueroa on the nametag, explained that this is a photomontage made by the alleged usurper.

According to the source of Primera Hora, Cruz Colón could be accused by false representation.

Most Awaited Cricket world cup 2015 —

With only some days to go to the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015, the International Cricket Council (ICC) broadcasted that the four succeeding squads for the competition will travel to Australia and New Zealand in September and October 2014. The trips are fragment of the ICC’s High Performance Program (HPP), and will support the contestants’ arrangements for cricket’s acme 50-over contest.


Ireland, Afghanistan, Scotland and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) will play counter to provincial sides and state in New Zealand and Australia, as they count down to the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015, which will be apprehended between February, 14th and March 29th. Throughout the trip, they will likewise be able to request on a quantity of professional instructors and previous players from both republics, to provision their preparation and preparation gatherings.

Dazzling on the prominence of these trips, David Richardson Chief Executive of ICC said: “Assisting cricket’s top evolving countries to accomplish on the international phase is an important measure of the ICC’s High Performance Program, and these circuits will provide a countless prospects for the lineups to improve valuable information and understanding of the circumstances they will face in the course of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015.

“All sides have a robust timetable of games in contradiction of high-level opposition, and we are appreciative to Cricket Australia, New Zealand Cricket and their national and regional connotations for assisting the platform so effusively.”

About the ICC HPP

Launched in 2001, the ICC High Performance Program (HPP) was to support the prominent ICC Associate Members formulate for the ICC Cricket World Cup 2003.  The foremost objective of the HPP is to progress the excellence of HPP republic on and off the field productions in direction to near the gap between ICC Full Member and ICC Associate Member playing ethics.

From 2014 to 2017, the six HPP nations are Ireland, Afghanistan, Scotland and the UAE, the four squads that are eligible for the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015, along with Papua New Guinea and Hong Kong.

To accomplish this objective, the Manager of ICC Program, Richard Dane, works and visits with the HPP nations to order their own in-republic approaches for their high performance programs, opposition timetables, player progression conduits and off-field preparation and secretarial constructions.  He similarly manages and engages the procedures of a squad of professional advisors who arrange for acknowledged extents of necessary support.

Said by the Ireland coach Phil Simmons, “This trip is a pronounced chance for the squad to familiarize ahead of the competition, and we’re thankful to the ICC and in specific, Richard Dane, for his assistance in making it probable. It’ll provide us some much compulsory match rehearsal in antipodean circumstances contrary to a high standard of opposition”.

Team captain Mohammad Nabi of Afghanistan perceives the ICC High Performance Program trips as a boundless prospect for his side. “It is a huge honour for Afghanistan, We will do our finest to rationalize our qualification to the competition and that is wherever this pre-contest tour will demonstrate very valuable”.

For more information about cricket world cup 2015, do a visit



Highlighting Saluda Shoals Park —

Saluda Shoals Park is a 400 section of land park arranged along the beautiful Saluda River, on the northwest side of Columbia, South Carolina. The earth delicate park offers guests recreational exercises and in addition ecological instructive open doors. There is additionally a mainstream sprinkle park for youngsters.

Ten miles of cleared and unpaved trails wind through the recreation center. Trails are assigned for climbing, biking, and horseback riding. The picturesque Greenway Trail winds for 2.25 miles along the stream. Guests may bring their own particular bicycles to ride or rent one at the recreation center. Stallion trails wind through different zones of the recreation center. A short footpath permits guests to watch a mixture of fowls and creatures in the wetland save. Guests regularly see herons, ducks, turtles, frogs, and crayfish.


Saluda Shoals Park is a most loved with fishermen. The reefs off Corley Island are an awesome angling spot. A vessel incline zone permits guests to dispatch kayaks and kayaks. The recreation center additionally leases kayaks, kayaks, and paddling gear from 9:30am-4pm on weekends and from 9:30am-2pm on weekdays. Rental rates are $23 every hour, $38 for 3 hours, and $48 for throughout the day. Guided paddling outings can be masterminded.

For more Columbia Updates logon to

Kids will appreciate chilling in the Saluda Splash play area. This zero-profundity, intelligent water play region is open May-August from 9am-8pm. A different affirmation is charged. The recreation center additionally has a play area.


Saluda Shoals Park’s Environmental Education Center offers nature themed workshops and occasional exercises. Flow exploration tasks being led at Saluda Shoals Park incorporate water quality checking of the Saluda River, local stick scrutinize along the riverbank, and mosquito research. There is likewise an ornithology examination task including Eastern bluebirds and Carolina chickadees. The study tracks the quantity of Eastern bluebirds that make their home in the recreation center. Different offices at Saluda Shoals Park incorporate excursion regions, protects, the River Center gathering office, and the Barking Lot pooch park. Gatherings of youth and grown-ups can use the recreation center’s Real Team Challenge Course, with its low ropes course and orienteering course. Professionally prepared staff can lead group building exercises.


Saluda Shoals Park is spotted at 5605 Bush River Road in Columbia. It is effortlessly gotten to off I-26 at Piney Grove Road or I-20 at Bush River Road. Park confirmation is $4 every auto for inhabitants and $5 every auto for non-occupants. Separate confirmation for Saluda Splash is $3 every individual. Horseback riders may pay a day by day charge or buy a yearly Horse Trail Pass. The recreation center is open day by day from 7am-8:30pm in March-October, and from 7am-5:30pm in November-February.

How to defend against pirate cleaning company? —

This post is quite off the topic of  Internet but still somewhat relates to pirating :D.

careful cleaning companies pirates

When choosing a cleaning company for your business or community in Toronto is important to note that it is a company that meets all warranties of any legally established, with all its workers discharged and not take for back if things go wrong. Surely find on the market very economical prices, while companies are in many cases do not meet the legality or have their workers without hiring. The bet must be clear, credible and achievable budget that includes mandatory taxes with prices subsequently met.

Housekeeping service in Toronto

Hiring cleaning services toronto involves high risk for contracting. On one hand, we will be facilitating access to private property by people who have no legal backing, which are already committing a crime. In addition, the contractor shall be liable in the event that damage is made to the building or premises. Also if injury cases by the employee of the company illegally cleaning are given. Although at first it seems that this type of contract involving savings, poses a great risk and a waste of money and security in all cases.

Professional cleaning companies

Hiring cleaning services legally constituted and well established experience is always a guarantee. The cleaning companies offer truly professional and experienced staff always trust our service, always with a physical headquarters in toronto to which direct us in case we need any care, always with a prestigious and proper care. Is the company must adapt to the client and not vice versa, always with proper planning by professional and caring for our money to good use thereof is made.

What can happen if accounts are kept in unlicensed software? —

What happens when a person or company has its accounts in unlicensed software is a constant question, especially among those who love the “pirate”.

Much has been speculated about the consequences of taking the Bookkeeping Services software without a license, and among these speculations is that accounting becomes invalid as evidence.

Actually, that is carried on a pirate software, not invalidated as evidence, much less is a causal to be eligible to a penalty ledgers .

Among the requirements for accounting constitute evidence, and to be considered duly carried, the law does not provide anywhere that a licensed software should be used, or if a software is used without a license, invalidate or affect accounting as evidence.

So, the fact that the accounts be kept in unlicensed software in no way affects the accounting and what it depends, as the source of costs and deductions, since no bearing on its validity as evidence.

In conclusion, bookkeeping software like bookkeeper sydney without a license, has no accounting or tax consequences, but SI criminal , since this is a computer crime.

Our dear Dian comes to play an important role here, since the law 603 of 2000, Article 2 states the following:

The Colombian tax authorities may verify the status of compliance copyright by societies to prevent, through its violation, also evading taxes.

However, Dian can not sanction the use of pirated software, only acts in the event that using pirated software is evading some tribute, which has nothing to do with that accounting is affected by carry on software pirate.

Your security camera at home easily hacked —

MONTREAL – The security camera that you installed in a room or a kitchen may well play a role completely opposite to what you want at the start!

The JE team made the disconcerting proof that anyone can access a camera connected to the Internet, if the owner has not bothered to install a password in the settings.

These IP cameras, not to be confused with web camera (or webcam ) each have an address, just like computers or anything that connects to the Internet. There are search engines that lists all devices connected to the large canvas.

Searching by country and city you easily find cameras that do not have a password. From a computer all that is simpler, the team I was able to activate the camera a real estate agency in Paris, to the astonishment of the French capital’s employees.

I also easily spotted a camera installed in a residence with a central Quebec and another placed in a twin room in St-Hyacinthe.

The computer scientist father to whom we showed the pictures of her children recorded the day before was blown. “It’s scary! Especially as I had done tests from other IP addresses and other Sell my house fast birmingham. I was unable to access. ”

Cédric Raymond, a video game designer in his twenties who alerted the JE team, found in discussion forums that some users have fun wake people by activating the lights or the microphone of the cameras. “Naked pictures of children can easily find on the Internet,” he notes.

Unauthorized use of computer equipment can lead to penalties of up to 10 years in prison, said the professor at the Faculty of Law of the University of Montreal, Nicolas Vermeys. “There could also be charges of voyeurism that lead to maximum penalties of five years in prison.”

The computer security expert, Eric Parent, reminds the rest a simple rule: “Add a password in the camera settings and make the necessary updates.The camera you buy in a big chain is perhaps on the shelf for several months. ”

The trade press regularly reported security flaws in cameras sold to the general public. This ensures that anyone can call you, even if you have added a password to the settings.

5 books to understand Internet —

1. The Information Age (Volume 1): economy, society and culture. The Network Society.
Manuel Castells – Editorial Alliance (2005)

. The first volume of the trilogy, for many, is the Bible of the Red Throughout its pages investigates the global transformation from the technological revolution of information, economic globalization and the emergence of a new culture. A book that explains the importance of networks as generators of a new social structure that is the basis of society in which we live today.

Options to understand how the Internet works and its effects on society.

2. Who moved my cheese PDF
Spencer Johnson – who moved my cheese pdf (1999)
Perhaps the most influential book on the cultural change proposed in the Internet business world. Just turned 10 years. An intelligent and provocative text, with 95 revolutionary thesis on businesses that can be read more widely. The ideas in the book, which originally were interpreted as a new form of marketing, reached politics, media communication, education, and many other human relationships. You can free read on who moved my cheese pdf.

Options to understand how the Internet works and its effects on society.

3. Web 2.0 Planet: Collective intelligence or means fast food
. Cristóbal Cobo and Hugo Pardo – Editorial d’Interaccions Digitals Research Group, Universitat de Vic Flacso Mexico (2007)
An analysis of the Web 2.0 phenomenon, when the web which the public is the creator. The authors wonder if we live in is a decisive and creative phase of collective intelligence or simply is a scenario means fast food, fast consumption and amateur character in rapid transition to a new stage. You can free read on

Options to understand how the Internet works and its effects on society.

4. The Long Tail: Why the Future of Business is Selling Less of More
Chris Anderson – Editorial Hyperion (2006)
Anderson, editor of Wired, one of the most prestigious journals in the digital world, explains in his book how technology impacts on markets. From interviews with executives and academic experts on economic issues and based on examples of films, books and music, reflects on how the Internet has made ​​possible a whole new world and how technology opens new possibilities for the economy, which previously governed by scale.

Options to understand how the Internet works and its effects on society.

5. The Hacker Ethic and the Spirit of the Information Age
Pekka Himanen – Editorial Planeta (2001)
A hacker is one who is devoted to program by passion and believes strongly in collaborative creation. The very young philosopher Himanem reflects in his book on a model of hacker spread to new areas. Think of a way of doing, in open and collaborative practice that shaped the Internet, the World Wide Web, and then many experiments in social media.

Options to understand how the Internet works and its effects on society.

BONUS: Free Culture
Lawrence Lessig – Penguin Books (2004)
An analysis to understand how regulations on intellectual property affecting culture and dissemination of information in the digital era. Stanford professor Lessig is also the author of the mentioned Creative Commons license. You can free download in

Intranet: a system for managing information —


The intranet phenomenon arises from the successful experience of World Wide Web in the Internet world. In fact, it is a projection into what organizations have placed at the disposal of the virtual community that uses the Internet and have seen the benefits of having a single interface for performing their daily administrative processes.

The first experience of Intranet that news has emerged in 1992 when engineers Sun MicroSystems see the use of the Web a valid alternative to support the management of their administrative processes. Subsequently, Netscape ventures to investigate how useful it can be to use your product Navigator as a common interface for accessing different types of information from a company, which starts promoting this new orientation of the Web, and is accepted by managers of information systems organizations USA.

Initially there was the idea of the benefits of an intranet, but not the tools to develop products that enable launch this new scheme of doing things within companies. Several software companies took an important step towards the development of systems for Workgroups; Lotus Notes with your product, in 1995, placed fashionable concept Groupware and perceived in the Web a more impartial and standard environment on which to develop their products. Moreover, Microsoft recognizes its strategic mistake by not prioritize within their development plans the importance of Internet and the potential it offers, so that changes its strategy and complements its products to work “natural” way on this network. Finally Novell Netware adapt their product to work more efficiently in this line.This situation, which involved three large software companies (IBM-Lotus, Microsoft and Novell) give a clear signal to other similar companies to develop products and oriented Web services, but especially intranet way.

At present, the creation of products for intranet occupies a high percentage of resources for research and development of software companies. Companies linked to hardware, have also enhanced their products to work or support Internet and intranet applications. Moreover, it is assumed that half of what is now developing in Web environment is oriented intranet.

The current trend on this topic is the development of intranets using programming languages ​​that allow extending the use of HTML. We refer to the Java and ActiveX and C ++ languages, which are making a progressive degree of acceptance in the software industry and especially with databases and compatibility of different operating systems. All this means be careful when defining what an intranet.

Technical Vision

A definition technical approach, argues that “intranet is a set of Web sites that are installed on the internal network of an institution or company and that display data or documents to any of the computers connected to it” (Ryan Bernard, 1996) .

That is, a computer with server class websites within the company, and home information you can use only one who is defined as a valid user of the intranet.

This definition is still valid, is very similar to what we mean by LAN or WAN, only substituting the term “Website” by “Server”.

The difference lies in the use of a common interface that is independent of the computer from which the user connects to the server, using either a WhatsApp on PC, One Workstation or Macintosh.The interface is the same and the user can obtain or enter information in the same way. In fact, this interface is an interpretation software developed for each operating system that brings users the information organized using a standardized as HTML, Java or ActiveX, without being mutually exclusive language.

The communication between the teams, independent of platform, is performed on a standard communications protocol such as TCP / IP or different, provided that all computers that are communicated to the intranet using the same protocol.

The concept of intranet also considered a functional vision.
Functional Vision

A definition from the functional point of view, argues that intranet is a system for managing information, developed primarily on the potential of the world World Wide Web, and is limited to the institution or company that creates or who she authorizes access .

Under this conception, the intranet is not only developed for those working within the company, but also for those who use information services company produces and makes available to the external user. The information is kept within the institution; those who work in it, generate or obtain data for their daily work, but customers can access certain authorized.

There are banks that have websites from where you can get the statement in his capacity as a customer. Customer information is to guard; only authorized personnel can access your data, but also the customer can find information of interest using a password provided by the financial institution. The client uses intranet resources, but does not participate in either the generation or management of such information, however, is part of it. In fact, it may grant the customer attributes to modify simple information such as your address, phone or fax, which he also participates in the process of generating information on the intranet.

We conclude that to establish an intranet, functional considerations are as important as technical and ultimately, the techniques are conditioned to the functional requirements defined by the organization. This is because the design of an intranet not only considers the use of certain technology available on the market, but also re-think the generation and management of information resources.

Like any rethinking of the process, the first question is why. That is why an intranet within an institution or company is required.

Why use intranet

Using an intranet or rather creating, involves rethinking things that the company is doing and see the benefit of implementing a new scheme.

Agglutinate access to Information

An intranet can bind information generated by different departments or sections of the organization. This implies the ability to query for data that may be located on different sources of information that the company owns.

For example, if the company is a multi-shop and the seller wants to know if a product is in stock, the intranet can not only provide information of stock in warehouse. You can also give:

* The situation of other branches cellar
* date of next installment of the central warehouse
* arrival date next shipment from customs with the requested product
* product with similar characteristics to the requested
* offer price assigned to the product

Each data could be in different databases on different host computers, and even located in different cities or countries.

We then see the advantage of bringing together information about the possibility of centralizing. By centralizing all the data is stored on a machine with a path. If the machine or the path fail at that time, the seller does not know the stock and eventually lose the sale. In addition, the centralization requires the progressive growth of the mainframe and sustained monetary investment to maintain efficient. It is true that there may be more than one computer with some data and make them converge on the screen transparently seller, but this requires having, most often, the same type of equipment with the same type of base data to achieve a good result.

The distribution of data on different machines can only invest heavily in those with high demand information, have different types of servers and operating systems with different databases at different prices, and achieve get all the data necessary Screen seller. In fact, many intranets installed today, have developed a set of routines that allow you to see existing databases in the company avoiding redo everything again. This is one of the most significant advantages, however it has to invest in programming for effective blocking of data writing

Identifying information flows

Using an intranet helps identify who creates and who uses the information handled by the company. Companies know who produces useful management information. They are rarely able to identify the person responsible for the quality and reliability of the data. On the other hand, customer complaints are always vague when defining which part of the service that the company offers not work;for him, it just gives you a disservice.

The use of intranet, allowing a concentrated and organized information flows vision, limiting user requirements. That is, determine the range of action of each user group about what, how, when, from where and on what can participate in the intranet. With this definition of responsibilities, the manager of the company will be able to know what happens in terms of information flow and effectively support those processes that are weak.

Economy the company

Companies that support management in computer systems, are aware of the importance and cost of the train staff in the use of computer applications for production and control of their products and / or services. This is of vital importance in administrative and management processes in which staff usually use different programs with different commands to achieve its functions.

Using an intranet economy allows training of personnel when it is able to offer a standardized interface that incorporates and approves the majority of computer applications required for the management of the company. This reduces the number of people who need to be proficient in handling various programs and applications. Similarly, reducing the cost of acquiring licenses for applications affected by the intranet.

Meanwhile, stationery costs in the production and distribution of instructions and documents necessary for the management, are only comparable to the resources allocated by the same company in stationery for the promotion of their products or services

Production of administrative paperwork is reduced with the use of the intranet because the use of the network to consult or communicate instructions necessary for daily work is encouraged. As a private network, distributed releases have clearly identified the recipient and sender. Despite this, it is true that this point will depend on the change of mentality that is taken with respect to use electronic format over traditional paper.

There is also a saving in equipment configuration, because the program is installed to access the intranet is usually one and applications support (read plugins, applet, Java or ActiveX routines) are installed once and are automatically downloaded the computer. In fact, the problems that exist are reduced to few alternatives, which are learned and properly handled by the support unit owned by the company or you hire.

Update information

The updating of information is another reason why intranets are adopted in organizations. Using an interface that allows members of the company generate and view information in real time, gives credibility to the administrative process and management of the institution. This also allows a corporate image to the client, because he perceives that data with which the interlocutor of the company works, are current and therefore reliable.

Improve Human Resource Management

Who manages staff knows that achieving their goals are the result of agreements acquired with their subordinates. That is, agree with them to achieve certain objectives specified period of time, which naturally depend on certain variables which are responsible for themselves and other people who work in the company or have a relationship with her.

As there is a rapid updating of the data, the administrator can better manage their human resources that can monitor what the employee of the company is doing to achieve agreements defined. Also the worker can better manage your time because you have a real idea of ​​the progress of the variables that affect it and with it the opportunity to make the most of them.

Strengthen communication

The previous point leads to strengthening communication within the company because the information is systematized and flows. Specify who, how and when appropriate, not depending on subjectivities but the privileges that the user of the intranet has about her. These privileges are the result of pre-defined borders heads or managers of the company.

Strengthening those Working Groups

Groups exist in the organization of formal and informal job to perform their tasks. The former are easy to identify, as they are generally linked to the organizational structure of the company. The latter are more complex because what people are associated for a common benefit with information that can generate or receive from another member of this group. Generally there is no formal relationship because the organizational structure of the company is greatly complicate trying to formalize these relationships. So then, arise on the basis of decisions taken by the own initiative of those who comprise it.

The intranet allows not only promote and strengthen relations within the Formal groups, but also to systematize and strengthen informal interactions because it offers the possibility to combine efforts to provide useful information to members of the company even if they belong to the department or section where such information was generated.

Returning to the example of the multi-shop, the seller can benefit from clumping data on the screen with information coming from different databases from different departments of the company. If the offer installment sale is not attractive to customers, he can inform finance people who can see another way to create a credit.

This information hardly flows through formal channels, as it is supposed to function seller is just selling a product and not report the acceptance of prices; This data is provided by the seller to a member of his informal group who can speak to your formal group on the issue.

We can deduce that the intranet, to systematize information flows, enables and strengthens the participation and effective interaction of Formal Groups and therefore streamlines business processes.

These were some reasons why it is useful to develop an intranet, let us see who benefits from this way of working.

Who benefits intranet

An intranet:

· Benefits to the company by optimizing its human and material resources to save time and money on training, support or technical support and periodic acquisition of software and hardware. It also allows redirect the processes that generate information and products to work considering the interests of each part of the business and not just their own.

· Benefits to the customer with timely and relevant information, the result of the constant updating of the data with the company works and the convergence of these data through a single interface, although coming from different sources.

· Benefits to people who work in the company, because it allows them to have timely and reliable information they need for their work and have certainty that the information generated helps others within the organization. In short, it feels participant and committed to the process.

Platforms and security features

As we saw in the previous section, the new concept of power intranet area running a business leveraging the capabilities of computer infrastructure and network connections she has or acquires for these purposes. In this part, we refer to the characteristics and requirements of that infrastructure for installation and development.

An intranet can run on distributed or centralized data networks, depending on operating systems that support them. This will determine the form of data storage that can be accessed through it.

There are several ways to classify an intranet, this determines the existence of various types as described below.

Types of intranets

The parameter used for classification from a technological perspective, is the ability attributed to enter, modify and query data within the system. In this light, we can distinguish two types of intranets: passive and active.

Those called passive, are interactive but not dynamic, meaning that do not allow access to data and only allow static display information on the screen.

On the contrary, are active are dynamic and interactive, allowing access and interaction with the data by the user or client.

Seen from a functional perspective, the sort parameter considered is the function it serves the intranet. In this case, we find: those who support decision making, control and management and those who support the operational and administrative aspects of the company.

The first providing relevant to the management cycle of the company in its decision functions, control and management information. The latter however, more properly serve the operational functions of the company.

Where and how to install an intranet

At this point we can distinguish two essential elements:. Hardware and software
There is a third element, perhaps most important, we mean the team of people required for installation and development of an intranet. In this case, the group of experts and their functions, is not different from that specified for the development of a website.

The basic equipment necessary to install an intranet is:

– Web Server (Webserver)
– Wireless data network
– Equipment customers.

Web Server: You can install as many as are required for the type of intranet  bạc đạn that is deployed and considering the complexity of the system requirements. Specifications or servers will be defined depending on the volume of data to be stored, the memory requirements of the intranet programs and operating system programs.

Connecting to internal and / or external network: There is a huge variety and types of networks. Their characteristics depend on the type of connection is established with the Web server itself and with other external if it is defined. The best known are the star networks, ring or bus. This will depend on the type of cabling and network card is chosen for the connection.

Client computers: the number is determined by the number of access points required for intranet users. However, the number of permitted users, is determined by the capacity of existing or servers.Its features can be very heterogeneous.


This is perhaps the most novel for specialists who want to venture into the theme appearance. This item is necessary to have the following software:

– Operating system servers and clients
– Communication Protocols
– Security Software
– Software Development
– Software interpreter for the intranet (Browser)

Operating system is necessary to distinguish two types of operating systems: network system administrator and client system. Clarity that a network is not always worth a server to run, but is not the case for the intranet.

Communication protocols: a software that establishes communication between the different elements existing in a network is needed, whether clients and / or servers. The protocol governing most intranets is TCP / IP.

Software security: these programs can operate before, during or after communication to the network. This can also be installed on the same machine that supports the Web or on other servers on the network. A security element is one that has the role of local police regarding communications received by the Web server. Known under the name Firewall or firebreaks and there are also Proxies, in this case, act as detectors of traffic that the network server.

Software development: there are a variety of them, depending on the environment in which it is to develop the application, not the environment they are going to use the application.

Any text editor can serve as editor of HTML, which means that serves to program in most languages ​​of the Web world.

However, note that the software industry has, in recent years, a special emphasis on building software for Web development of integrated products, in a very easy and fast. In fact, these programs are required to domain specific language programmer for these purposes, such as HTML. Even last appeared on the market, programs also aim to facilitate the programming of Web connectivity with databases.

Importantly, the use of these new programs, it also requires more powerful hardware and computer software for system development. We refer to memory, number of instructions allowed and speed to execute.

Whatever the program used to generate Webs, basic language options for its development are the same. Among them are: HTML, Java, ActiveX, C language and others.

It’s not the same situation with regard to selection of commercial programs created specifically for these purposes. In this case, the selected application depends on the operating environment of the equipment intended for programming the Web. (PC, Mac or Unix)

Some of the most popular programs for these purposes are:

– Front Page, Microsoft (PC)
– Page Mill Adobe / Acrobat. (PC and Mac)
– AOLPress, American Online (PC)
– lnterDev, Microsoft (PC)
– Merchant, Commerciant, Studio, all those of Microsoft (PC)

Moreover, there are commercial programs that were originally developed for other applications, but have been retrofitted for the Web world. This applies to: Microsoft Office, Visual Basic, Visual Fox Pro, among others.

There is also the possibility of transforming a document prepared in certain programs or applications and use so-called “HTML converters” that are generally free for the trial period.

Among development programs are also complementary applications such as: video editors, sound, animation etc., which serve to develop these applications and introduce them to the Web for customer use.

Just as there are these applications to development and client, there are other exclusively for the client.

Software interpreter (Browser) are programs that allow you to navigate (check and display) different Webs or existing information systems on the local network (intranet) or the Internet. They have the advantage of performing this function in a comprehensive, easy, friendly and dynamic way. The best known are:

Netscape Navigator (occupies 70% market share Browsers)
Internet Explorer (28%)
Mosaic (2%)

There are other lesser known and lesser quality. These programs also allow the user to enable or disable specific applications that threaten the security of your own computer. It also allows to configure the program to access other active services on the network, including: email, FTP, News, Telnet and others. Other functions defined in the Browser is that it allows: print, save, copy, etc, from any remote server.

Human Resources

The group of people required for the development of an intranet, is similar to that required for the development of a web.


Certainly intranet is a way of doing things that has come to stay. It is not a concept that must bind slightly some kind of technology, but rather must be associated with a new way of doing things in the company. It involves rethinking the objectives it seeks to manage the company operates in the production process; involves understanding that the goal is to identify the information as the basic element of the success or failure of the company.

Intranet is an opportunity to reduce the preponderance given to the problems of connectivity and compatibility, and abocarse the production process that gives benefit to the organization. Intranet is a key to achieving the overall quality of the products or services the company offers its customers; because the target for total quality is not controlled but rather occurs.

Brisbane Patio Roofing Design Ideas —

Brisbane patio roofing design ideas are not hard to find, so we are going to give you detailed information on this important yet interesting topic. At the beginning, we will talk about alumawood, trust foofs, and aluminum canopy covers, and then we will continue with pergola design, and so forth.

decks-patios-brisbane decks-queensland outdoor-decking-patios-brisbane

Vip Patios Brisbane Roofing Design Ideas

Alumawood, Aluminum Canopy Cover and Truss Roof

Alumawood allows you to build latticework roofs for pool decks, patio areas, gardens, and other parts of a house. You can buy an alumawood kit and then install it without a contractor`s help. Alumawood roofs come in attached kits or free-standing kits, and you should choose from an earth tone or white color. In addition, an aluminum canopy cover will protect the patio from weather damage where aluminum beams will support the structure. You can also buy a kit of aluminum canopy cover to save money on hiring a contractor.
A truss roof will help you to cover your patio space in case your house is undergoing some sort of renovation or new construction. To give the roof even more support, your home wood beam“ are extended for this purpose. In addition, you can install new footers with trusses matching the roof line.

Pergola Design

– Pergola is one of the best roof designs out there. This is an uncovered structure designed to support your roof. These structures tend to define any kind of space really well, though they will not protect you from direct sunshine or rain. Most of these types of structures will extend past the covered area. In addition, you need take into consideration both the beams’ depth and the distance between each beam. Routers and vines can be used to dress up your pergola as well.
– Metal or vinyl roofs are also important options to consider as they are lightweight enough to be added to any home out there, though vinyl roofs will not provide you with any kind of protection from the rain. To get protection from the rain and sun, buy metal roofs. In addition, you can either stay neutral or add color to your roof. These kinds of roofs should extend till your patio`s end to define additional space.
– Another options is adding a lean-to sort of roof, which will be an angled roof matching your existing home that will use shingles on its top and cedar on its underside. To get a pergola-looking design, leave this framing exposed. This situation will make your roof unique while protecting it from the elements. In addition, use 2×6 materials to avoid showing the nails on the roofing. Unlike the lean-to roof, a high-style roof features a vault to give size and height to the structure.

Building the Right Patio Cover

– Vinyl or wooden patio covers. You can use either vinyl or wood to build your patio covers. Vinyl patio covers will need no painting as they will not rot. In addition, there is no need to care for a vinyl patio cover. To add beauty to your patio, use natural wood in your covers. Slatted roots and basic posts are commonly used to make these designs, but columns and many other types of support might be used from time to time. In addition, fabric can be used to build your covers. To allow light to filter through the cover, use a cover made with permanent fabric.
– Unusual materials. To build your patio covers, you can use brick, wrought iron, copper pipes or even cement. These covers can be either hard or soft. Styles can be constructed with metal, plastic, and glass. Furthermore, be sure the cover style blends really well with your garden and home. Build covers resistant to wind if you live where really strong winds happen from time to time. In addition, your shade cover might be free-standing or attached to your home. Therefore, be sure your shade cover will really fit in your landscape.

We have talked about some useful patio roofing ideas you can use in Australia or any other part of the world. Remember that alumawood is a great material to use in decks, patio gardens, and other areas and that you can get rid of a contractor by using this kind of material. Pargola designs are also fine as well as vinyl and wooden patio covers.